Sail to Paradise on a Cruise Ship

If seeing another part of the world from the tranquility of the ocean sounds like your idea of a perfect vacation, it may be time to start planning a cruise.

There are many types of cruises available to suit a variety of interests, and the options are always increasing.

History of Cruise Ships

Modern cruise ships evolved from ocean liners and cargo ships. P&O Cruises, the first passenger cruise line, began offering tourist routes originating in Southampton in 1844. While early passenger ships and ocean liners were often referred to as floating cities, they were much smaller than the modern cruise ships they have evolved into.   

Comparison of Cruise Line Styles

Because travelers have a wide variety of personalities and preferences, some well-known cruise lines have strayed from the traditional cruising etiquette to create a more casual travel experience. Other high-end lines stick closer to the traditional cruise experience. 

Norwegian Cruise Line is famous for its concept of “freestyle cruising,” which promotes casual dress and does not require guests to eat meals at assigned times. Carnival is another casual, lower-cost line that is a favorite among younger travelers. Cunard Line is a traditional luxury cruise line that has higher standards and requires formal dress at certain times, while family-oriented lines, such as Royal Caribbean, fall somewhere in between.

The various activities that are found on each cruise line are typically chosen to match the average population that is likely to select the line. Large ships that are geared toward families and young adults are packed with water slides, climbing walls, and go-kart tracks, while small ships that are frequented by senior citizens focus on more laid-back activities, such as bingo, speakers, and sightseeing.      

Extreme Cruise Ship Enthusiasts

While most travelers take no more than one or two cruises per year, some experienced cruisers take their love of the sea to new levels. Travel bloggers and vloggers, such as Morgan O’Brien and the Sea Cruisers, create a significant amount of written and video content about the biggest, best, and newest cruise ships. Many of these creators are able to earn steady streams of income through ad revenue while keeping both first-time travelers and avid cruise fans in the loop about helpful tips and tricks and the latest trends in the cruise ship industry.

Avid cruisers can literally cruise around the world. Many popular cruise lines offer world cruises, which often last between six months and one year and visit dozens of countries on several continents. 

A handful of lifelong cruise fans have even chosen to move aboard cruise ships following retirement. Mario Salcedo explained that, in many circumstances, living on a ship can cost less than living in a retirement home. Salcedo’s favorite parts of his nomadic lifestyle include seeing new places, such as Europe and the Caribbean, and meeting a variety of new people from around the world. For the nontraditional, adventure-seeking senior citizen, spending the last several years of life seeing the world aboard a floating city can be a dream come true.   

Where Can I Go On a Cruise?

If you’re ready to go on a cruise, you have a wide variety of options. Some of the most popular cruise destinations include the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, but there are many more possibilities. Cruises are offered to Alaska and Hawaii, as well as along the East Coast and in many other coastal regions throughout the world. Transatlantic cruises are also available, as are small, yacht-like ships in the Mississippi River. No matter what your travel interests are, you’re sure to find a ship and destination that will make your next cruise a vacation you will never forget!